Daniel Bailey / Owner/Dj/Producer

Daniel Bailey,
is the owner, operator, and Dj for Audiogasm Radio. He has been involved with electronic music since the 90’s. He first started to Dj desert parties out in California before moving back home to Florida. Once back in Florida, he got turned got turned on to Florida Breaks. Now loaded with the sounds that he brought back from California along with the Florida, electro breaks sound from the likes of Jackal & Hyde and Huda Hudia. He once again started playing underground parties. Then, almost without warning, Florida enacted its anti-rave laws and just like that, the parties were over, and left to become a faded memory. Realizing that the party was over, he went back to college. With a passion to help others, he decided to become a professional firefighter/paramedic and is enjoying a wonderful career. Daniel has worked worked his way up the ranks and is in charge of company. But, his love for electronic music burns hotter than any fire, though, and he realized that he had to give back to what had brought him so much joy. So, in Jan of 2017 he started this radio show with the intent of providing the best in underground electronic music both in terms of both the music and audio quality. To out listeners free of charge without any adds. If you were to ask him which genre is his favorite he would say with sly grin on his face “They all are.”

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